Monday, February 6, 2012

Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "E" and that stands for "Elliott."

Sometimes Elliott is a lot of trouble. Like when she uses hairballs as revenge. Or how she always tries to get outside whenever we open an exterior door so she can eat the plants. Or how her favorite game is waiting for us to open our bedroom door so she can rush in and hide under the bed, even though she's not allowed in there. Or when she plays with her water bowl instead of drinking out of it.

But then she does something really adorable, like crawl underneath the pillows on the couch, or burrow under a blanket with me, or try to get inside a box that is clearly too small for her ... and it makes up for all the trouble she gets in.

What's the most adorable thing your pet does?


  1. So cute! My dogs are all sorts of trouble, but as soon as they start cuddling me I tend to forget all about it!

  2. Love this! There are so many times Gypsy is a hand full, but when she climbs up and keeps me company makes up for it. Especially when I'm working from home by myself...she's great company and keeps me from feeling like a crazy person who may end up talking to myself.