Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things I Like: Whistling

This week, I'm a little nuts over songs with whistling in them.

I blame my mom. See, I'm a repressed whistler. I love to whistle. I can do it the normal way, and through my teeth too, just like my Paw-Paw. It freaks people out when they can't figure out where the whistling is coming from, and that's fun.

But like I said, I'm a repressed whistler. Every time I started to do it growing up, my mom would tell me to stop that, you're giving me a headache! And that was no fun. So now I can whistle all I want, and my husband doesn't tell me I'm being annoying, because he's awesome.

Can you whistle? What songs are you loving right now?


  1. I can't whistle, and I HATE the sound of it! I don't mind it in songs and whatnot, but my husband likes to whistle sometimes and it drives me nuts!

  2. My Matt and I whistle all the time. I grew up with my family whistling, so its just a habit. Matt and I will whistle songs and then the other one tries to guess it. Moves like Jagger is definitely one that has gotten stuck in our heads lately. lol.

  3. bahah, ok, I just listened to that It Girl song, and we definitely whistle that one too. I didn't know it was that song. lol. Now its gonna get stuck in my head again.

  4. I get "Moves Like Jagger" stuck in my head ALL THE TIME! It's driving my husband crazy!

  5. I am sooo jealous of people who can whistle!! I used to try to all the time when I was a kid, but no luck... At my husband's grad school, there's this guy I see walking around all the time whistling the most complex masterpieces. I wish he had a CD or something...