Monday, October 3, 2011

Sparkle Art

We have a second bedroom in our house that we use as a guest room, an office, and where we put Elliott at night so she doesn't keep me awake. There's this big open wall above the bed. I've been trying to find a big piece of (inexpensive) art to put here for a while.

As you can see, the room is kind of bland. Everything is beige or brown. The only real pops of color in the room are:

1) Old-fashioned hat boxes


2) Throw pillows

3) Fake tree

I would love to bring a little more color to the room and bring out these elements. After not being able to find any wall art that is a) perfect, and b) reasonably priced, I stumbled across this pretty on Pinterest.

 Picture and tutorial via Mint Love Social Club

It's so beautiful and unique! If I could do this on a larger canvas, and use some additional metallics and colors — I'm thinking rose gold, dusty rose, coral and sienna — I think it might be perfect. I imagine it'd look kind of like this, but with more sequins.

What do you think? Is it enough to fill the space?


  1. I like this idea! What size canvas would you use?

  2. I love metallic art! I think it'll look great.

  3. I was just drooling over that pin the other day! So pretty - you should do it!