Monday, August 8, 2011

Such a Fan

A couple of weeks ago, Matt discovered that our bedroom fan wasn't working. It was running, but you couldn't change the speed setting. So he took it apart and messed with it for about a week. When he couldn't fix it, Matt begrudgingly called an electrician, who told him the motor was broken and that we'd have to replace the whole fan.

Bye, old fan.

The fan was directly over our bed. Since we have a high sloped ceiling, the electrician couldn't have installed the new one just by standing on the bed. So we had to move parts of the bed over so he could fit a ladder in between the bed slats. I had this entire room looking beautiful and nice and finished, and we basically had to disassemble everything.

Sad bedroom.

But, it worked, the electrician came, and we finally got the fan replaced! Huzzah!

And I immediately righted the room so it looks pretty again.

Soooo ... while this isn't a great DIY story or anything like that, this was a major headache in our household for a couple of weeks, and we're both so relieved to have a working fan again!

Have you ever had to call in the pros on a DIY project that went awry?


  1. Oh man, a non-working fan in this heat is a huge problem! Glad you were able to get it fixed quickly!!

  2. I really like your bedding! We haven't done any house projects (and always call maintenance when something needs to be fixed at the apartment), but my husband has said that there are things (like plumbing and electrical) that he would leave up to the pros when we get a house.