Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I really, really hate the sound of alarm clocks. Well, technically I don't use an alarm clock, I use my phone, but I hate the alarm sound on that too. For the majority of my life, I kept my alarm on the opposite side of the room from my bed, so that when it goes off, I have to immediately JUMP UP to turn it off, and then I'm already up and awake so why get back in bed?

This was very convenient in college. I had to shimmy down from the top bunk in my dorm room to get to the alarm, and by then I was REALLY awake.

I would say we had the coolest room in the hall, but our neighbors had a three-person, two-room suite and set up the entire second room as a closet.

Well, thanks to the fact that my phone charger is now right next to my bed, I keep my phone there too. It's so easy to just smack my phone alarm off (I NEVER hit snooze! Why on earth would you want to hear that horrible buzzer/binging noise multiple times??), roll over and wake up an hour later.

This is turning into a dangerous habit.

Do you prefer to snooze? What noises do you hate?


  1. I'm actually weird and normally always wake up 15-20 mins before the alarm. I try to give myself 15 more mins of sleep, but usually just get up and turn off the alarm before it goes off.

  2. I actually keep the alarm on my husband's side of the bed, so I don't get a chance to hit snooze! :)

  3. @Lauren, I wish I had the energy in the mornings to get up earlier!
    @Amanda, smart move!

  4. I press snooze. A lot. Yesterday I pressed snooze for 40 minutes! I skipped the shower and ended up only being 5 minutes late for work, but still. I need to stop abusing the snooze!

  5. I am a snoozer. I actually have a remote for my alarm clock. That is bad isn't it. I hit snooze like 5 times before I eventually wake up.