Monday, August 31, 2015

The One Where I Get Totally Irrational About a Pair of Shoes

Do you ever do or say something that makes total sense to you, but kind of accidentally goes against everything you are?

I had one of those moments yesterday.

See, on Saturday, Matt and I went shoe shopping. He needed new running shoes for his upcoming half marathon, and I needed to get some new Skechers Go Walks since the ones I bought in Chicago a few years ago are starting to wear out.

I wear them ALL THE TIME, and they are the PERFECT SHOES and so of course Skechers doesn't make them anymore. Now they sell Go Walks 2 and Go Walks 3 and Go Walk Flex and a bunch of others that are NOT THE SAME and DON'T FIT RIGHT.

(I especially need new ones because … I'm going to get to go on a business trip to Europe in a few months!!! I'll get a day to explore on either end of my trip — one of those days in Amsterdam, and one in Milan! I AM SO EXCITED! And I plan to do lots of walking!)

So I tried on every pair of Go Walk Not-Original-Flavor they had at Shoe Dept, and was huffing about how none of them were right. Instead, I bought a pair of Saucony gel-insert lace-up shoes, which were a fine alternative, but not what I wanted.

On Sunday, Matt came home from lunch and I was wearing the Saucony shoes around the house, to make sure I even really liked them. And I told him I had found the original Go Walks (in limited colors and sizes) on Amazon, and that I wanted to buy like, seven pairs and stockpile them so I never have to be without them.

I swear, I am not a hoarder. At all. I hate stockpiling things. It's stupid. I like getting rid of things. But that's how much I love and adore those shoes. I would stockpile them for years and years and years.

Matt told me I didn't need to buy seven pairs, and that one pair was fine.

(Three Years in the Future Matt is going to be kicking Current Matt for this.)

What are your favorite shoes? Any recommendations for things that are must-sees/dos/eats in Amsterdam or Milan?

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