Monday, February 16, 2015

"Allie Appreciates Every Flurry"

If I were still in elementary school, still getting hand-written report cards with notes from my teacher, that's what this semester's note would say. That I am ridiculously appreciative of every snowflake.

It was a little embarrassing, when one of my co-workers said it to the guy that's the president of our parent company at lunch the other day. But I don't know how to not be completely filled with glee at the merest hint of soft, fluffy snowflakes falling outside the window.

People are like, haven't you ever seen snow before? Didn't it ever snow in Texas?

And I say yes, there was that time in 1991 when it snowed over a foot in North Texas. There was that time when we took our engagement photos when it snowed.

But do I have memories of building snowmen or catching big flakes on my tongue or shoveling the driveway as a kid? No. Because it snowed like four times ever, and then we moved to College Station and it snowed never. More often, it just sleeted and we called it snow, and everything in Texas shut down. The snow was never fluffy, but it made a nice crunch when you stomped around in it. Snow-people were basically impossible, unless they were really small. It was never deep enough for angels, though it did pack decently well for snowballs if your goal was to hurt your opponent.

Oh, we tried. We tried all those things, because that's what you do when it "snows." But it was so rare that every snow day was filled with joy, with calm, with relaxation. With wet cotton gloves and red cheeks and static cling. With warmth and wood fires and hot chocolate and blankets and books.

It snows here, pretty often. We haven't had any big, deep snows since Thanksgiving, but we get snow flurries and a few hours of what look like blizzards — to me — here and there, and a little bit of pileup on our cars or in our yard, and my grin is so wide. I go for walks as it drifts downward and I smile and I throw my arms up and I thank God that beauty like this exists.

Thank you for each perfect snowflake.

Driving home from work, I pass by a field of black cows every day. And this particular day, the snow was swirling across the road, and I was smiling, and I looked to my right to say hi to the cows as I passed. The cows were just standing there, eating, as little piles of crystal formed across their backs, bright against their dark hides. And I laughed, because the cows were covered in snow and didn't even mind!

The snow blows past the office windows and I say "it's snowing!" and I crane my neck to see better. I look out the front windows to our cars and say "it's starting to pile up!"

My co-workers look at this, at me, like it's nothing to be excited about. Most of the north and northeast feels the same I suspect.

But I hope that I continue to appreciate each unique flurry. Because each one is beautiful, and worth getting excited over.


  1. Put me in line with your co-workers. I cannot stand snow. Or winter. Or cold. I will never be one to find it pretty or unique or special or anything other than something that will interrupt my day on one level or another.

    I'm glad it makes you happy, though, because look at what the opposite is: grump city. :P

  2. Allie, I am with you! Love to see the snow falling, which it is now! And I have seen a lot of in my years! I remember when you came to Colorado with us and how much you enjoyed seeing so much snow! I may even be able to dig up a photo of that time!
    One of my favorite things in life is the peaceful feeling I get when the snow lines the limbs of a tree and the boughs of an evergreen! That is the scene out my door now. I never tire of it!
    Enjoy your snow!

  3. I don't like the cold one bit!

  4. Snowing here now too! We're supposed to get somewhere between four inches and a foot, and I am loving seeing it come down!

  5. Such a sweet post! Your excitement for the snow might lighten your co-workers' hearts a little bit. :)

  6. Aww I think it's sweet that you get so excited about snow! My husband is like that too. Even just the tiniest little flurries get him so excited. And right now we've got a couple of inches of ice and he has been on cloud 9 all week. I'm a summer girl, but I know how much he loves the snow so I don't begrudge him this little taste. ;) Though I definitely would much prefer actual snow to all the ice we get. But hey! It's white and gave us a "snow" day at home together so I'm good. :) {by the way, visiting from Jayda's blog}

  7. Thank you for visiting! :-D Oh, I much prefer warm weather, but if it's going to be miserably cold, at least we've got the benefit of snow! Now if only we could have the snow AND snow days. People here seem to know how to plow the roads and drive on ice and stuff.

  8. I just love snow. Always been a fan of the changing seasons and real snow is the best because it's dry!! I feel 1000X warmer when it's snowing than when it's sleeting, misting or otherwise foggy with an awful wind. Brrrr. I hope you can make lots of memories in nice snow! :) Just not as much as the New England area... because that's crazy right now!