Monday, April 7, 2014

A Weird Occurrence Outside the Ladies' Room

Last night I was complaining to Matt that I didn't have anything going on in my life that was worthy of blogging about. Which was a weird thing to say on a Sunday night, after I had packed my weekend full of friends, family, day trips and coffee dates.

The thing is, sometimes I like having a "separate" real life; it's nice to go out and live without having to worry about documenting every second of it. I don't need my whole life to be blog-worthy. But even if I'm not documenting anything, sometimes I still wind up with some weird stories.

On Friday night, Matt and I went to a free concert in Downtown Bryan at the Grand Stafford Theater. We went to see this band:

It was promoted as an "indie jazz" concert, so we went with some friends who used to work with our church band and choir groups. (The concert was really more bluegrass-y, but I thought it was cool because they each had like, four instruments apiece on stage, and they kept switching them out. I am not really musically inclined, and it always makes me a bit jealous to watch people who are.)

Anyway, about halfway through the show, I went to find the ladies' room, and there was a girl standing in front of the door marked "women." I asked her if she was in line, and she looked at me confused, so I repeated myself and she nodded. But then I noticed there was a second ladies' room door, so I pushed on the door to make sure it wasn't occupied and, when it wasn't, I gestured at the girl to let her know it was open and that she could go first.

And that's when I realized that she didn't speak English. She had no idea why this chick was gesturing at her to go into the bathroom. Her friends grabbed her and she moved away from the door.

So … I think I accidentally propositioned another woman?

Have you had any crazy misunderstandings lately?


  1. Hahahaha, this is so funny! I'm sure it was awkward at the time, though.

  2. Hahahah OH my gosh. That's hilarious! Super awkward when it was happening, but in retrospect? What a funny story.

  3. Haha I love that--a "seperate" life. Because all too often I feel like we blogging ladies try to document all the things! It's nice to just take a break and not worry about writing a novel focused on our life's happenings.

    And oh gosh, what a crazy story! That's pretty hilarious.

  4. Ha! Too funny. I know what you mean about blogging. I do a lot of other stuff that I don't blog about. That's part of the reason I love my Project 12 recaps! Because I can mention things I did that didn't necessarily warrant an entire post.