Friday, December 13, 2013

A Tree Full of Hyenas

As you may know, I blogged my wedding for Weddingbee. I chose to write under the moniker "Mrs. Hyena," because from the second that little black and gray hyena made its appearance on the site, I knew it was meant for me.

Every year, the bloggers have the opportunity to participate in an ornament exchange, in which we draw names Secret Santa-style, and everyone gets an ornament with the likeness of their moniker. And well ... mine is a hyena. Hyenas are not known for being cute animals. In fact, once upon a time in 2011, a few other engaged bees were talking about getting bouquet charms made of their monikers, so I did an Etsy search for hyenas. All that turned up was artwork depicting ugly creatures with blood dripping from their teeth. Not very festive, for weddings or the holidays.

So for the past three years, I have been surprised and delighted that my fellow bloggers have been able to take a not-so-cute animal and find or create the CUTEST ornaments EVER.

Christmas 2011, from Mrs. Mouse

Christmas 2012, from Mrs. Cinnamon Bun

This year's ornament came in the mail on Wednesday, and I squealed when I opened it. Matt chose that second to come home from work, and I basically ran at him like LOOK HOW CUTE MY NEW HYENA IS!

Christmas 2013, from Mrs. Macarons

My three little hyenas make me so happy. Matt is slightly concerned that someday we will have an entire tree full of them, but I have no problem with that. :)

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?


  1. Love this!!! I get so excited this time of year and love adding another ornament to the tree.

  2. So cute!! I can't wait for our tree to be dominated by poines, I love bee things!

  3. Your new ornament is adorable! He looks like a baby.

  4. I love all of your hyenas! This is my favorite bee tradition. I'm sure we'll one day have a tree full of starfish, which I don't mind either. :)

  5. Oh my goodness - who would have thought a hyena ornament would be so cute! And actually even exist haha! I love all of them!