Thursday, August 22, 2013

Win Some Money, Pay Off Your Loans


You guys, I am completely overwhelmed. I've told you before about how we follow Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program. And it's been amazing, and hard, the lessons we've learned and are still learning about our money. So when Matt sent me a link to a contest, Dave Ramsey's Student Loan Payoff Giveaway, I was blown away. A lot of businesses and individuals give away money, but so few people acknowledge that yes, college is damn expensive even if you have financial aid, and we should do something to help students with that.

Right now, I'm on track to have my own loans paid off by December 2015, but it'll be over my cold, dead body if it takes that long. I cannot even begin to imagine what $7,346 would do to get me closer to that goal.

Actually ... yes I can. I plugged it into my handy dandy debt-reduction spreadsheet and WHOA. I could have it all paid off by AUGUST 2014. (By the way, I'm still willing to send people copies of the spreadsheet if you want it. E-mail me!)

I didn't really want to tell ya'll about this contest. Because frankly, I WANT TO WIN. But I know a lot of ya'll have also told me about your battles with your student loan debt, and I couldn't in good conscience keep it quiet. So if I don't win ... I hope at least one of ya'll do. :)


  1. I hope you win :) This would make such a tiny dent in our student loans, but I signed up anyway, every little bit helps, right?!

    1. Absolutely! Every little bit can make a big difference. You just never know. :)