Friday, July 26, 2013

What I'm Watching

I've picked up a couple of new TV shows in the past couple of weeks. See, most of the shows I watch over the summer are also ones that Matt wants to watch too — like MasterChef and So You Think You Can Dance (at least once they get to Vegas Week) — so when he's not around, I need things to watch that are just for me. I've found a lot of them. :)

Devious Maids

It's part telenovela, part murder mystery! It follows the lives of five maids as they work in rich people's homes. Everyone has secrets, and even the good people are kind of bad, and everyone is always trying to stab everyone else in the back — literally, sometimes. (In the first few minutes of the first episode, a maid named Flora gets stabbed to death after it's revealed that she's sleeping with the owner of the house behind his wife's back.) It's so juicy and entertaining to watch, and I want to share more plot points but it would totally ruin it for you. It's on Lifetime on Sundays, and the most recent episode is available on Hulu. Back episodes are available on Sidereel.

Orange is the New Black

In this gotta-know-what-happens-next drama, Piper Chapman is a former lesbian-adventure-seeker turned straight-and-straight-laced-WASPy-fiancée, when she is sentenced to 15 months in prison for that one time she moved drug money out of the country. It flashes forward and backwards in her life to show different aspects — from her life with her fiancée to her relationship with bad-news-girlfriend — but mainly focuses on her time in Litchfield Federal Prison and her typically failed attempts to keep her head down and stay out of trouble. You can watch all the episodes in the first season on Netflix, and if you're anything like me, you will power through all 13 episodes in like, three days.

Of course, those are only the NEW shows. Other stuff I'm watching this summer?

Project Runway

The new season just started! And Tim Gunn gets a say in the results this time! And love her or hate her, Kate's back! On Lifetime Thursdays, and the latest episode is always on Hulu.


It's back for a second season! YAY! Eric McCormack is Daniel Pierce, a schizophrenic psych professor, and his hallucinations help the FBI solve murders. It's all psychology and making sure the baddies get caught. What's not to love? Come for the drama, stay for the sexual tension between Pierce and his FBI contact, Agent Moretti (played by Rachael Leigh Cook). Watch it on TNT Tuesdays, and back episodes on Sidereel.

Burn Notice

Okay, I'm really behind; I'm only in season 5, and I think they're already airing season 7 or 8, but I love this show and watch it on Netflix all the time. Michael Westen used to be a spy, and now he tries to help people who have gotten themselves caught up in trouble, whether it's an illegal scheme, or just innocent people whose loved ones are in danger. It usually involves having secret identities and driving fancy cars and blowing things up, with the help of his friends Fiona and Sam. Also, Michael is totally hot. New episodes air on USA on Thursdays, but you really should watch from the beginning. You can find the early episodes on Netflix.

What shows are you loving this summer?


  1. I keep hearing such good things about Orange is the New Black! I need to check it out. I've been watching Mistresses this summer (no shame!)

  2. I love Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance! Top Chef Masters just started, and I always love that. I'm also a Real Housewives of New Jersey fan, so that has kept me entertained and confused all summer. I'm trying to catch up with Sons of anarchy since my husband loves that show. And I must watch Orange is the New Black! Everyone is raving about it.

    1. I love Top Chef/Masters, but I haven't gotten to see it the last few seasons since we canceled our cable and I haven't found anywhere online to watch it!

  3. Orange is the New Black is next on my list, I'm hoping it surpasses the hype!