Monday, May 6, 2013

And Then We Went Shopping

I went to visit my family over the weekend, for a top secret reason that I'll be sharing with you on Wednesday. :) But really, most of the weekend was spent shopping for various things. Here are some of our finds!

I got into town on Thursday night, so on Friday, I went out with my aunt and my cousin for lunch and some window shopping. We found this gorgeous chair at a clothing store called Lola, and they also had a matching couch in the fitting room. If it wasn't bright yellow, I'd want it in my house! (Maybe white with pale pink instead? Or more likely, a cherry wood with burgundy or taupe fabric, like all my other furniture. At least I know what I like!)

My aunt also introduced us to this consignment shop in Highland Village called Clothes Mentor, which sells designer items (and other stuff too) at ridiculously good prices. I didn't find any designer pieces that I liked, but my cousin got an adorable Cynthia Rowley jacket for $18, and my aunt found some Kate Spade sandals, Ugg boots and Coach scarves, which she scored for under $90 total. I just got two new-to-me necklaces and some sunglasses for a grand total of $18. (New sunglasses were necessary; my old ones pinched behind the ears and left a lovely mark across my forehead every time I wore them.)

I also got this leather purse for $34 at Ross (down from its original $119!). I have never been much of a thrift shopper before, but it's pretty inspiring to watch my aunt find all these amazing deals. I love how bright it is, and the cross-body strap will be perfect for running around this summer. (It's a little more neon than it looks in this pic.)

Finally, my mom and my aunt are getting to take a trip overseas soon — they're going to Paris and Budapest! And they'll be attending a black-tie event,  so we had to find a dress for the woman who tries dresses on over her jeans. We found this glamorous navy gown on clearance, and it was perfect for Mom! It's got navy and silver beads up on the top of the shoulder for a little sparkle.

Anyone else go shopping this weekend? Are you good at bargain hunting or thrifting? Got any tips for a beginner? :)


  1. Looks like fun! That chair is pretty fabulous!

  2. What a fun trip, I love your bright yellow purse find!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to use it, it's my first-ever cross-body!