Monday, April 22, 2013

Tuned In

It's been awhile since I've posted some of my favorite new songs; and of course, as I've mentioned before, all the best tunes can be found in commercials. :)

I heard a snippet of "Best Day of My Life" in a Lowe's commercial, and just had to look it up. It's one of those songs that can instantly brighten your day with its peppy beat and cheerful lyrics. I'm looking forward to hearing more from the band, American Authors. In the meantime, I'll just listen to this one on repeat.

This one's a little older. I heard it in an Army Wives commercial last month, and it's kind of dark. Pretty much just like the '80s version of the song, but Paloma Faith's voice is really interesting and gritty.

And finally, this little ditty that was played in a super cute Friskies cat food commercial. It's not a new song, but I had never heard it before, so it's new to me. It's a bit repetitive, so I actually like the shortened version in the commercial better than the full-length version.

What commercials are you loving right now? Matt's recent fave is this one.


  1. I first heard "We Are Young" by fun in a car commercial. You're right, commercials have the best music!

  2. I usually love Target commercials, but any one that makes me dance is good! And, I always like the ones that makes my husband sing along because it's funny :)