Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yeah, still sick. This sucks. The doc's given me some better meds though, so hopefully I will be better (and have better stories) soon.

The other night, as I was coughing my lungs up at 2 a.m., Matt generously offered to make me some tea, so I moved down to sit at the kitchen table to drink it so he could maybe sleep without listening to me hacking.

So I was sitting there drinking my tea, and there are lots of things on the table, since that is where we pile stuff and not where we actually eat. And of all the things, the one that looked the most interesting was Matt's most recent issue of Physics Today magazine. (I know.) And it in was a very interesting article (to my poor, addled 2 a.m. brain) about how scientists have created a formula to determine if specific tenure-track professorial candidates are "a good bet" to hire based on the amount of publications they currently have and the amount that they are likely to produce in the future.

The point of the story was that, even with their fancy theory and formulas with h and t and the delta triangle in them, they can't predict how many publications the candidates will garner in the future.*

Clearly, they need a new sister publication, Psychics Today.

What's the most exciting thing on your kitchen table?

*At least I think that was the point. Like I said, it was 2 a.m. and I was miserable and by the next morning, I wasn't interested enough to re-read the article. Science is not my strong suit.


  1. Aw, feel better! You must be really sick to read about physics :) I kid...kind of.