Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Things

Last week Brittany tagged me in her "five things you might not know about me" post. So I'll play along. :)

1) I really, REALLY like modeling reality shows. I used to watch Top Model (of the America's Next, Britain's Next and Canada's Next varieties), but stopped when Tyra started driving me crazy about fourteen cycles in. Then my sister-in-law Steph told me about The Face, and now I'm hooked on that too. I think if I were about six or seven inches taller, I could win one of those shows. Not because I really want to be a model — I always thought Mr. J's job as creative director was way more interesting than actually modeling — but because after watching so many of these shows, I know all the rules that the other girls on the shows don't seem to know even though they're the same every season. (Smize! Work your angles! Don't piss off Naomi Campbell!)

Proof of my skillz. Photo by Danny Boyle Photography.

2) When my sister and I were real little, my parents thought it'd be funny if people thought we were super smart. So by age six, I knew the square root of 3 (it's 1.732) and how to spell "refrigerator." I sometimes still have problems doing basic math, but I will never forget those decimal numbers.

3) I'm a major food mooch. Back in college, a group of us used to go play bingo at this dive bar on Tuesday nights, since it was free and my friend thought the bingo announcer's voice was sexy. Sometimes we'd eat dinner there, sometimes not, but someone always bought chips or cheese fries. And I was really poor. And really adept at sneaking food off other people's plates without them noticing.

The night before my 21st birthday. We stayed until midnight so I could get my first and only birthday shot. I'm a wild one.

(True story, the bar was on the sixth floor of a building, and our junior year, it got closed down because they were afraid the building would collapse in the event of a strong wind.)

4) I've lived in Texas almost my entire life, but I don't have any hint of a southern accent. One of my middle school teachers told me he would have guessed I was from somewhere "up north." The only exception: I do say "ya'll." I can't bring myself to say "you all" because it sounds weird.

5) My mom cut my hair until I was 16. It was always one length, cut straight across, but it worked until we were teenagers and wanted to try different hairstyles. The first time I ever went to a salon, they really messed up my first attempt at layering; it was seriously awful, like one layer chin-length and one layer by my shoulders, and that was it. My mom had to fix it so I wouldn't be embarrassed at school.

Now it's your turn! What would your five things be?


  1. Ha, I totally used to be obsessed with America's Next Top Model too...I watched it a ton before I, like you, got so sick of Tyra and her ability to choose, like, the worst model of the pack to win and the best to be the third runner-up :P.

    1. Ugh, I know right?! The ones I wanted to win never came in first!