Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm incapable of only reading one book at a time. I'll start one, and then some other book will catch my attention, and then my book club will decide on a new one for the month, and then I'll pop in an audiobook while I'm driving, and before I know it I'm in the middle of four or five books at a time, with no hope of ever finishing any of them. (Well, I'll finish eventually. But it'll take four or five times as long.)

I've been working on Dracula on my iPad for what feels like months. (It might actually BE months. Matt asked me what I was reading the other day, and when I told him he was like, "STILL?") But I got tired of reading on a screen one night, so I picked up a book I got for Christmas, J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. But then I got an e-mail from the library saying Gone Girl was finally available (I'd been #43 on the waiting list when I first signed up, and I didn't want to keep someone else waiting, so I had to start it). Oh, and of course I'm like 30% through the Bible, but that one I'm spacing out a little better. In fact, the car is the only place I don't have a book right now!

Do you prefer to read books one at a time, or ALL OF THEM at a time? :) What are you reading right now?

P.S. You can always see the books I've just finished thanks to my new Recently Read widget over in the sidebar! (They're Amazon affiliate links, FYI.)


  1. I am also usually reading two or three books at a time, especially with audiobooks recently coming into my life. Right now, I'm listening to Admission, while reading Middlesex. Usually, I mix up my heavy reads with lighter reads to keep me motivated to read the hard one. Otherwise, I get bogged down by the difficulty of the heavy read, and don't read at all.

  2. I'm the exact opposite, I like to read one book at a time so I can get really into it. Otherwise, I tend to get characters confused.

  3. I agree with Jess. One at a time for me! I keep meaning to read Gone Girl, but the waiting list is like 100 people deep at my library. And I'm not even on it. Fail.

    1. Get thee on the list! Or just go buy it. It's good, I promise.

  4. I tend to read two books at once, one on my Kindle and then a paper book. I'm reading Pies and Prejudice by Ellery Adams. She writes a series about a writer's group that I enjoy but this new series is a little "out there" for me.