Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Top 5 Reasons This Christmas Was Crazy

NUMBER 5 — My mom got her first-ever manicure.
That's right. The woman is over 50 and had never gotten her nails done before. She got a gift card from one of her students for a manicure and pedicure, so my sister and I took her to the salon. She was too freaked out about foot germs or something to get the pedicure, so Rachel took one for the team. (I would have gotten one too, but I didn't know about this little excursion and my nails were already done.)

NUMBER 4 — Matt's cousin's little son fell in love with me.
The little boy is two years old, and was going crazy at Matt's parents' house on Christmas Day. He kept running up to me saying "Awwie! Awwie!" and then he'd put his hands over his face and laugh his head off, and then run away again. It was hilarious and adorable, and something we can tease him about for the rest of his life.

NUMBER 3 — I tried bourbon for the first time.
It tasted like rubbing alcohol and pine trees. I didn't care for it.

Rachel kept waiting for people to fall asleep in the living room that evening so she could make it look like they were passed out drunk. She's a nice person.

NUMBER 2 — We sang Christmas songs in three languages.
After we'd all spent Christmas Day playing games and eating and lounging around, it was music time. All of M's cousins are ridiculously talented, and most of them play more than one instrument, so we had pianists and guitarists and drummers and fiddlers all playing Christmas songs, and it was basically one big sing-along. We were singing "Silent Night" when some of Matt's aunts and uncles — who lived in Germany when they were younger — started singing in German. M's uncle ran to the computer to print out translations for the rest of us so we could sing Deutsch too. Then someone mentioned that we should sing "Silent Night" in Spanish, so he printed off sheets for us to sing the Spanish words as well. Look at us, all multi-lingual.

NUMBER 1 — We spent Christmas Eve Eve (that's the 23rd) in the emergency room.
Everyone is fine now, thank goodness. We thought my grandpa might have had a stroke, but he just had a fainting episode. He woke up before the ambulance got to our house, and told the EMTs he didn't want to go to the hospital, but he wound up there anyway. I found out I'm not a good person to have around in an emergency, as I basically went into panic mode for the next 24 hours.

Did anything crazy happen to you over Christmas?

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