Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Need You to Talk Me Off This Ledge

Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon last summer, I had to throw my beautiful pink wedding shoes away. Due to the heavy rains the night before the wedding, and the fact that I spent the whole morning tromping through the grass for portraits, they were stained and ruined beyond fixing. I was so sad. I loved wearing those shoes, and I loved the way they looked.

I tried to replace them with a $10 sale pair of pink heels, but they didn't fit quite as well, and they didn't look quite as good, and I never quite fell in love with them.

And then today, I was looking online for a friend when I saw my! pink! shoes! on sale! for !!!NINETEEN DOLLARS!!! Marked down from $50!


Realistically, hot pink shoes don't go with everything. But I would wear them, because I don't buy stuff I won't use. Should I just look fondly at my wedding pictures and remember that I had beautiful shoes? Or do I go all crazy not-even-a-bride-anymore-no-one-wears-dyeable-shoes-in-real-life and BUY THEM?

What would YOU do?


  1. If you love them and will wear them, I say buy them! $19 is a great price down from $50.

  2. I would definitely buy them! I'm all sentimental with my wedding stuff and though I may never wear my shoes again (I will try though!) I could never, ever get rid of them. And for $20, it's SO worth it! Just make a deal with yourself.. Don't get coffee for a few weeks or fro-yo after dinner. Or whatever your silly splurge is, like shopping during your lunch hour, just don't do it until it "adds" up to $20. Haha.. That's what I do to justify purchases! :)

    1. That's a great way to think about purchases ... but what if my silly splurge is always buying shoes?? :-P