Thursday, May 24, 2012

Demolition Day

This may only be interesting to my handful of Aggie readers, but ... it was kind of cool, so it gets its own post.

This morning Matt and I woke up ridiculously early to head to campus. Today was the scheduled demolition day for the Plaza Hotel (the one on the corner of Texas and University avenues), and plenty of people were out looking for the perfect place to see the building fall down. We parked in the Northside Garage, whose roof offered a great view of the Plaza. A few other people had the same idea (though we could see another parking lot from there that was WAY more crowded).

I have only ever seen building demolitions in movies, so it was cool to watch it go down. It was almost like the building was a cake and a giant hand sliced it in half, the way half of it fell down and the other half followed almost immediately, like layers.

The whole thing took less than 30 seconds, and then there was dust everywhere. It was a pretty windy morning, though, so the area cleared up pretty quickly.

No more hotel! I've heard rumors that new apartment complexes are going to be put in along University, replacing the Plaza and a few other tiny buildings that used to be near it, but that may or may not be true.

Have you ever gotten to see a demolition? This was like, big news for College Station, so people had been talking about coming to see this for weeks!


  1. It's strange to see that it's gone, I used to pass that thing all the time as I drove into CS from Dallas.

  2. Oh man, Corey was just showing me photos of this from various news stories! I had no idea it was going to be coming down - CS is going to look so different the next time we visit!