Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gardening vs. Gravel

Right off our back porch, we have a little bitty garden area. Well ... technically it might have been a garden area at one point in time, but the people who owned our house before us decided that they didn't want to bother with plants, and instead filled it all up with gravel and what looked like crabgrass.

Gravel with gigantic ugly plastic planter filled with dead Dusty Miller. And Matt's grill, but that's staying.

After two years of looking at this every day, Matt decided he'd had enough, and went and bought some better plants. We knew we weren't going to be able to (easily/cheaply) remove all the gravel, but we figured we could do something to make the whole "backyard" look prettier.

He picked up some begonias and some pretty purple plants that I don't remember the name of, and I made sure they wouldn't be poisonous to the kitty-boo if she ingested them, since running out the back door and eating the plants is her favorite activity. Matt dug up enough of the gravel to plant the purple flowers, while I went to town ripping out the roots of the crabgrass.

We think some animals keep sneaking past the fence and eating these, since there are hardly any flowers left on them right now.

And that was when we found out that whoever had "planted" the crabgrass left the soil line all the way up to the top of the deck, so we had to dig it out so it wouldn't go above our neighbor's foundation line. (According to Matt, this prevents drainage issues and reduces the chances of bugs getting into their house.)

After we made a colossal mess of our back walk, we finally got our begonias planted and the walkway washed off, and it's much nicer back there now.

In fact, in the almost two years Matt has lived here, I don't think we had ever hung out outside on the back porch other than when he is grilling. But we've already put out some plastic chairs* and spent a few evenings sitting out back, reading and enjoying the nice weather.

*Someday we'll have real patio furniture, but since this is the entirety of our patio, it can wait for now.

Have you undertaken any gardening projects lately?


  1. Matt and I haven't taken on any garden projects lately, but in our new rental, we filled some holes in the yard and then bought some grass to put over it, and it turned out really great. At our old house, we redid a flower bed at the base of one of our trees. We bought some of those big landscaping bricks and built a retaining wall, brought in a truckload of dirt and then filled it in with day lillies and other flowers we had around. It was HARD work, but it looked great when we were done. Here is a pic of our old backyard, well part of it.
    Your "yard" looks really good!!

    1. Ohh your yard was gorgeous! Someday we'll have a legit "yard" and then I want it to look like that!

  2. Much better than just crabgrass and gravel! Now that real challenge will be keeping them all alive to enjoy though the summer :)

    1. True that! It's already in the 80s here and it's not even April yet!