Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bayou Break

A few weeks ago, Husband and I snuck away for a couple of days for a little vacation to Shreveport! We knew we probably wouldn't be able to afford a big vacation this year, so we wanted to travel somewhere a) we hadn't been to before, b) that we could get to with just a couple hours of driving, and c) that had some activities we couldn't do where we live.

On the way into Shreveport we stopped at Gators and Friends, an exotic animal sanctuary and alligator farm! We were really hoping to see some alligators, but it was super cold outside and the gators just wanted to sit perfectly still in the water. It took us a while to find them!

They also had a lot of little goats and deer, kangaroos, a camel and some tiny donkeys!

Feeding time!

We also visited the 8th Air Force Museum, which had some pretty cool exhibits. They had dozens of airplanes set up outside, and Matt loved telling me about all the different planes he's studied in school.

We stayed at the Horseshoe Casino & Hotel, played a little roulette and ate some of the local cuisine.

One of the only times I've ever taken a picture of my food before scarfing it down.

We also spent a little time wandering around the Louisiana Boardwalk. Supposedly a movie had been shot there! It was a beautiful little downtown area with a few restaurants and a lot of shopping, but we hardly ran into any people at all.

It was a fun, relaxing mini break.

Where are you planning to travel this year? Have you gone on any "little" trips lately?


  1. What a fun road trip! I've been there once and it was a nice getaway. We have a little trip coming up really soon that I'm excited about.

  2. The hotel looks lovele and as for that burger well that looks amazingly scrumptious and now I'm hungry lol.
    We don't know what travels we're doing this year yet but we're going to do something for our 1st anniversary in June and then possibly a trip for New Years as I've got bored of doing the usual thing at home - which isn't much.