Friday, January 13, 2012


You may have noticed that I like food a lot. I like cooking it. I like eating it. I like trying adventurous new things. (I also worry incessantly about having an allergic reaction to new things, despite having no food allergies.) But more than all that, I like trying new restaurants.

When I first moved to College Station, I joined a book club so I could make friends. After a few months, the girl who led the group moved to Australia, so she handed over her duties to me and a friend. There really wasn't enough work for both of us to do, and we felt like we should all be hanging out way more often than just once a month, so we expanded our book club to be a book and dinner club. I am in charge of organizing our twice-monthly dinners.

At Downtown Uncorked for book club when a local author came to talk to us about writing her novel.

I LOOOOOOVE being in charge of dinner. I like to find these local, hole-in-the-wall type restaurants and most of the time they're fantastic. Because of dinner club, I've tried Korean, Indian and Middle-Eastern food for the first time, as well as found countless other delicious places in town of all types and cuisines.

I very rarely choose to eat at chain restaurants. I know people like them because you can get the exact same thing no matter where in the world you are, but I don't like that predictability. Because what if there's something way more delicious out there?? There is always something more delicious out there!

Do you prefer chain restaurants or local places? What's your favorite type of cuisine?


  1. Local, hole-in-the-wall places are the best!!

  2. We like chain restaurants as a go to, but we like to branch out and try some different places when we have a chance. The entertainment book helped with that because they had coupons for local places.