Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When was the last time you had an adventure? I'm not talking about what I call my "everyday" ones, but I mean like, where you've intentionally gone out of your way to do something cool that you've never done before?

Climbing up a waterfall in Jamaica on our honeymoon.

I was starting to go a little crazy for not having done anything new recently. But right now we're not in a place where we can spend a lot on a big trip or do anything too crazy.

A local deal site has popped up recently — similar to Groupon, but only for places in the College Station area — and I get the e-mail deals from them every day. This week, a dance center nearby was offering two intro classes for $12. What a deal! I had to scoop that up immediately.

Now, I took dance — ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, clogging, hip hop and ballroom (not all at the same time, but over the years) — from ages 5 to 18, and then a couple of semesters in college when I took some extra tap classes. (Tap is my favorite.) An intro class for something I'd done before probably wouldn't have been much fun.

But I've never taken belly dancing, which they offered. So I signed up. Last night was my first class.

Oh my GOSH, belly dancing is hard! And super fun! After an hour in the intro class, my sides really killed. All that hip-shaking! I am really bad at hip-shaking.

This is the girl that teaches the class. Amazing!

The second class is next week. After that, I wanted to sign up for the full-semester class, but unfortunately it's going to conflict with a church thing that's going to be starting up in a couple weeks. So perhaps in the fall.

What adventures have you had lately? Have you taken dance classes?


  1. How fun! We looked into taking dance classes for the wedding, did one intro class, but decided it was a little too pricey for us. I did dance class when I was younger.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Dance classes are SO expensive, so its great that you found a deal!!