Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Better Watch Out, Better Not Cry

I've loved seeing other bloggers' Christmas d├ęcor posts lately, so I had to share what we're working with this holiday season!

This is one of my favorite parts of our decorations. I wish I could get a good picture of the Christmas lights, but alas my point-and-shoot isn't the best for things of this nature. We don't have a plug on our front porch, so Matt put up our multi-colored strand lights on the back porch. It's the first thing we see when we come home. When the floodlights are off, it emits such a beautiful glow.

This is our Christmas tree. (It is fake. That does not stop Elliott from EATING IT.) Most of the ornaments came from my college years (when my roommate and I exclusively bought ornaments that were pink and/or sparkly), but Matt has his collection of A&M ornaments as well. I couldn't be bothered with a tree skirt, so instead we just use a green throw. Maybe I'll make a tree skirt next year. (Oh who are we kidding. I'll likely just buy one. Or keep using this throw.)

Check out the adorable hyena ornament that Mrs. Mouse sent me this year in the Bee Ornament Exchange!

Elliott's reindeer friend hangs out by the tree.

There's only the three of us in our little household — me, Matt and the cat — but we keep acquiring stockings. So we display them all!

My mother-in-law has sets of wooden blocks for the different holidays that say things like "Give Thanks" and "Jingle Bells." It's become a bit of a tradition that every year the rest of their family rearranges all the letters to spell funny phrases. (Luckily there aren't many ways to rearrange "Santa"!)

Of course I have to display all the holiday cards I've received!

This is my first-ever set of holiday towels! (I take that back. I do have one Halloween towel. It has a cat on it, of course.) We have these in our guest bathroom.

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours!

Does your family have any unique holiday traditions? Are your pets also strangely curious about your decorations?


  1. Cute decorations, love the lights on your back porch and the hyena ornament!!

  2. Very cute - love the hyena ornament!