Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Like: Pantone Colors

I've used Pantone colors plenty of times for work. What I've never realized, though, is how versatile the designs of these chips are! The bright colors and clean design have been popping up everywhere lately, and I'm loving it!

I wish I had an old Pantone book that I could cut up and make into these adorable fridge magnets.

If I was a coffee drinker, I'd want my java in a 239 C mug every morning.

I would love to get a solid white Christmas tree, and just let these Pantone color ornaments pop.

iPhone cases, I don't know where you've been all my life (er, since I got my iPhone two years ago), but I need you.

I wish I had a need for folding chairs.

I've seen a lot of stair decor photos popping up on Pinterest lately. This might be one of my favorite iterations.

I can't solve these. But it's pretty. It would amuse Matt for about 10 minutes.

How did I not know about Pantone makeup?! This is so creative and I want it.

Renata Veiga via Lovely Package

Pretty pillows. What's that? I just made pillows? Sigh.

Do you like the Pantone design?


  1. I didn't really see those chips before, but they are popping up a ton on cute, especially the ornaments!

  2. OK, maybe I'm lame, but I've never heard of Pantone colors before. But I think they're really cool! I love the ornaments--so cute!

  3. I saw some of this stuff at Macy's the last time I was there! I like the magnets

  4. I'm pretty sure a special someone is getting me an iphone for Christmas and I might need to ask for one of those cases to go with it! :)