Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

I'm normally not a fan of horror movies, creepy stories or anything else that might give me nightmares. But I'm making an exception for a brilliant idea.

Have you been to Take This Lollipop yet? This video project has become a viral sensation, with it's disturbing portrayal of a man who is stalking ... you.

image via Advertising Age

That's right. With your permission, Take This Lollipop connects to your Facebook page and integrates your photos, location and friends into a short "horror" film that is not only legitimately freaky, but also an awesome message on protecting your information online.

Happy Halloween.

Do you like scary movies?


  1. Oh wow, that sounds very creepy!

  2. Omg I just watched it and my heart is racing! I love scary movies - this is so scary!