Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I Like: Expensive Shoes and Revenge

Every year Matt makes me get a flu shot*, and every year I bitch and moan about it as much as humanly possible. It makes him laugh. I am terrified of needles. He told me we were going on Friday and I came up with a litany of excuses why Friday just would not do, and he didn't buy any of them.

Friday arrived, and as a way to distract myself from Inevitable Flu Shot, I went on Zappos and looked at pretty shoes. I started looking under designer names for the most expensive shoes I could find. Then threatened to buy them as revenge.

Let's look at shoes we can't afford!

Sergio Rossi "A33780" via Zappos — $1,365

DSquared2 "Carrie B. Pizzo" via Zappos — $895

Alexander McQueen "Faithful" via Zappos — $1,285

Loeffler Randall "Sabine" via Zappos — $895

Giuseppe Zanotti "I17069" via Zappos — $895

Missoni "SM13 Var. B997" via Zappos  — $750

Giuseppe Zanotti "I10061" via Zappos — $1,450

Sergio Rossi "A33740" via Zappos — $895

Which ones are your favorite?

*He's diabetic, and if he gets the flu he pretty much has to be hospitalized.

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  1. Such great shoes, such crazy prices!

    I have never gotten a flu shot, ever. I guess I don't mind the suffering through an illness, over the thought of needles!