Monday, September 12, 2011


When I first started reading Weddingbee, I was totally jealous of all the Bees that were in major metropolitan areas and were having food trucks deliver gourmet food and desserts to their receptions. College Station is a decent-sized town, but at the time I didn't think we were cool enough to have any options like that.

Well, since then, our town has gotten not one, but THREE amazing food trucks that serve yummy food on weekdays. (The newest is run by Cake Junkie, the company that made our wedding cakes. I still think about those cakes all.the.time, so I really need to get some cupcakes from that truck A-sap.)

Today, I was running my errands around town, and I realized I was STARVING. I was looking for the Mac store when I spotted Chef Tai's Mobile Bistro parked right on the edge of campus. I've eaten there several times and it is always fantastic, so when I saw the truck, it was like the clouds parted. I went over, and got easily talked into the burger special.

Now, this is a gourmet food truck. So when I say "burger special," I don't mean two-patties-special-sauce-and-a-sesame-seed-bun. I have had what I thought was the best burger in the world, and this totally trumped it.

Mexicali Kobe Burger with pineapple relish. Seriously, the best burger I have ever eaten.

We've been trying to eat as many meals at home as possible to save a little here and there on our eating-out costs, but this was so worth the splurge.

Does your city have any food trucks? Where did you get the best burger you've ever eaten?


  1. So jealous! Eating from a food truck is on my 30 before 30 list. I need to see if there are any in Dallas.

  2. I mean where, not if because it looks like they are popping up big time in DFW!

  3. Corey LOVES that burger, haha. Their food is so good! I'm jealous of the cake truck, though!!

  4. That looks delicious. I love food trucks!

  5. The 'food truck revolution' just started this summer here, and I had fun chasing them around in the first couple weeks to taste them all. The combined good/bad thing is that they tend to park within walking distance of our condo, so some days it is all to easy to wander out for perogies instead of making dinner.

  6. Wheeen did CS get so trendy? I'm jealous! :D