Monday, August 22, 2011

Elliott's Everyday Adventures

I think maybe I need to rename my blog. My cat has more freakin' adventures than I do.

Husband plays the drums for our church band. Last night was our annual Hymn Sing, where church choirs all over the region get together and put on a concert for all the other choirs. He was asked to play djembe during our church's performance, so he brought home the drum after services.

We turned it upside down because it had a cord handle attached to the rim, and Elliott has a habit of chewing up things like fabric and string. I was sitting on the couch when I heard this whump noise that sounded like someone had smacked the drum. I got up and looked inside the djembe ...

... and spied a kitty-boo getting up to no good. Silly kitty.

Are your pets curious about new things?


  1. Hehe. Animals sure are cute with they're curled up. My dog is only curious if the new things smells like food.

  2. So cute! My dog is curious, for sure, but most of the times he's too much of a wimp to actually go beyond just sniffing. :-P (I gotta admit that more adventurous/mischievous pets seem more fun!)

  3. Love it! I love how cats always seem to get into the most ridiculous situations. :)

  4. That picture made me laugh hard!! How did you get her out??

  5. Matt asked the same thing — how are we going to get her out? Luckily as he was asking, she stretched up to put her paws on the base and kind of leaped out. :)