Friday, April 22, 2011

The Rachel, Circa 2011

I get bored of my hair really easily. I haven't cut (trims don't count) or dyed it since I got engaged back in January 2010, and it. is. killing. me. Now that the wedding is right around the corner, I've started daydreaming about all the things I want to change about my hair the minute we get back from the honeymoon. Namely, the color. I want to go blonde.

I attempted to dye my hair blonde once before. I was going to one of the Harry Potter book premieres as Rita Skeeter, and I thought blonde boxed dye on brunette hair sounded like a good idea. Observe:

Obviously, this was a very successful endeavor. I totally intended for my hair to turn orange.

I've always had a thing for Jennifer Aniston's hair. It's basically perfect. It's also probably the only blonde I could pull off in real life.

Photo by Francis Specker / via InStyle

image via Your Hairstyles

image via Best Hair Trends

Have you ever dramatically changed your hair color? Am I nuts for thinking I could pull off blonde hair?

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