Friday, February 18, 2011

A Lesson In Dinner

Matt is not going to be around this weekend, so I took this as an opportunity to try to cook as many different things as I can, and accomplish as many things as possible.

First things first: $5 bottle of red wine from Wal-Mart. Broiled parmesan tilapia. I had also intended to make this marinated salad thing, but I didn't read the recipe directions until I was already cooking the fish, and turns out marinated salad toppings ... actually need time to marinate. So I've finished my wine and my fish, and while they were ridiculously delicious, I am very aware of the fact that this was not a complete meal. I am impatiently waiting until 9:30, when I will assume the artichoke hearts and carrots and olives have marinated long enough, put them over lettuce and NOM THEM.

Lesson learned: read your recipes before you start. Also, meals don't have only one component.

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